Where Does the Project Stand Now?

Course installation began on January 1st, 2012 and has progressed slowly but steadily through 2012.  The area approved for the permanent course was different than the (already clear) temporary course area we used initially.  About half of the land area for the permanent course consists of moderately sloped, heavily wooded terrain that was extremely overgrown and impassable in many areas. After spending over 500 hours clearing the invasive species from this area (mostly Chinese Privet) using hand saws in early 2012, all of the fairways have been cleared in the wooded area.  Many downed trees still remain and are in the process of being removed.  Permanent baskets were installed in February 2012.  Temporary teepads were added in May 2012, for the long (advanced) position only at this time and the short (beginner) teepads have been marked.  Temporary signage was added in July 2012.   As of December 2012, we are working with the city on the final plan for implementation, and construction of the concrete teepads should commence early in 2013.

As of December 2012, the course is fully playable but rough in spots.  The course is playable by all levels, but not all beginner teepads are marked.  Advanced players will fully enjoy the course in its current state; beginners may find it intimidating.  There remains significant clearing and removal of undergrowth in the course area.

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