11 teepads were completed last Thursday and are now playable.  They look fantastic (photos up soon) and thankfully people stayed off of them adequately and they cured completely.  The rubber guys will return Wednesday 8/28/13 to work on the remaining teepads.  Please continue to stay off the gravel teepads prior to the rubber install, and to abide by the signs on the freshly poured rubber pads later this week.  


We’re looking for help giving the course a (badly needed) haircut.  Please contact us if you want to help.

Rubber Install Begins

Rubber pouring started at 10am this morning.  When I left at 12:30pm, 5 pads had already been poured. 

The rubber takes at least 24 hours to cure, with the time depending on the weather.  60% chance of rain today at last check, so please wait until the caution tape and signage is removed to test these out.

We’ve also started hacking back the vegetation.  Holes 7, 8 and 9 are already much improved and we were spraying kudzu throughout the course, so that should die back.  We’re looking for help in this project, as always, please let us know if you can lend a hand.

Photos from today:

Thank you, rain

For revealing some drainage issues before the rubber comes tomorrow!  We’ve got sinkholes in a few pads and some that are not draining due to mud buildup. Rubber starts tomorrow, please stay off the pads through at least this weekend. It will take a few days ton install the rubber and a couple of days for it to cure.

Construction Update for week of 8/19/2013

Weather is dictating progress right now, but we’re still on track to put down the rubber this week.  All but a couple of the teepads are pour-ready.  We’ve posted signage asking people to stay off the teepads that is being ignored by some people.  Please stay off the teepads until the rubber has been poured and cured or it will potentially ruin them.  The teepads will be closed from now into the upcoming weekend.  Exact timing will be posted here and at the park on signage.  

Rain Delayed, Again

Rubber is pushed back to early next week.  In the meantime, please stay off the gravel teepads.  The contractor observed some (idiot) yesterday remove the sign that was stapled to the teepad that said “Please stay off the teepad until 8/21” and proceed to play on it.  Please be classier than that.  Here’s hoping that guy lost his disc during the round.

Ready for Rubber

As of today, all of the Phase 1 teepads (26 or 28, we lost track) are ready for rubber.  During this week the masonry walls were reinforced and finished; additional timber walls were added to retain soil; and gravel was added to all pads.  The last step in the gravel is compaction, using a portable compactor called a “wacker packer”.  Each pad is now level and the gravel is compacted to 90%.

Rubber pouring will begin on Thursday 8/15/13.  We’ve been advised that the rubber will turn white if it gets rained upon before drying, so hopefully the weather holds off.

It is VERY important that if you use the course in the next week, that you stay off of the compacted gravel teepads and stay off of the rubber teepads until they have cured.  This takes a couple of days, depending on the weather.  Please don’t be the one to mess up the teepads, we need them done right the first time.

Now, the photos you’ve been waiting for:

Back to work

The 28 phase 1 teepads are in final stages of preparation for rubber.  They have been filled with gravel and timber retaining walls will be constructed as needed this week.  Next week, the gravel will get compacted and the rubber will be poured.  Please stay off the pads if you notice the gravel has been compacted, as that is the important finishing part.

Photos from today:

On another note, the course needs some TLC due to the abundant rain this year.  If you want to help beat back the vegetation, please contact us.  We’re working with Park Pride to arrange a massive volunteer day on 9/20/2013 with 50 to 100 volunteers, after which the course will be looking MUCH better.