Who Can Play?  When is the course open?

Anyone can play, all you need is a disc.  The disc golf course is just like any other park amenity and is open to the public during park hours – think of it like a basketball or tennis court, or the playground

Where is Hole 1?

We highly recommend bringing a course map for your first visit.  The first hole is about 300’ downstream from the lower gravel parking lot (2nd entrance on Deckner) … or south and downhill from the recreation center.  The basket in front of the cliff is a practice basket; the 1st hole (long) tees off from the top of the cliff and (short) tee is located in the flats.

Where can I purchase a disc?

There are currently no disc vendors located near Perkerson.  For a brick and mortar location, the only options in Metro Atlanta are BP Sports on the Marietta Square and Discstalker in Snellville.  We suggest looking online; discs can be purchased for between $8-$20, depending on the model.

Why is it taking so long to get the course installed?

Per our agreement with the city of Atlanta, the only city resources provided were the purchasing of the baskets.  The entire installation project is being accomplished by volunteer labor, as is all funding for installation materials, tools, teepads, signage, etc.  Also, per city ordinances volunteers are not allowed to use power tools, so we’re clearing a very overgrown forest by hand using small hand saws.  It’s a lot of work!

What will the grant funding accomplish?

The grant will allow the use of contractors to install the remaining course elements that have a high dollar cost.  These are primarily the installation of two sets of concrete teepads and the design and installation of permanent signage, as well as the planting of trees in the park and other costs associated with the installation.  The grant funding will allow us to fund the material and hire contractors to install (with power tools!) these two crucial course elements, significantly expediting the course installation. Once the project has the green light, construction should take less than 90 days.

Explain the grant you are applying for, and why my donations are so important

In November 2012, our project was awarded a $46,500 Community Building Grant through Park Pride.  This is a matching grant of up to $50,000 to fund lasting park improvements in City of Atlanta and Dekalb County.  We are working hard to raise money / donations, which are matched 100% in $$ through the grant.  Each volunteer hour is assigned a monetary value amount of $20 and donations of services and material are counted directly.  So your donations are directly leveraged 100% through this grant, making them doubly important.  We have committed to raising $8,000 in cash fundraising, so monetary donations are extremely important.