New Teepads are ready for play

All of the teepads have cured and are playable.  All but one of the phase 1 teepads has (#16-L, a redo) have been completed, and that one will be finished next week.

We’ve been putting in some time trimming back the undergrowth and spraying herbicide, and the course is far more playable than it was a week ago.  We’ve cleared holes 4, 5 (today, pics below), 7, 8 (finished today) and 9.  10 and 12-13 are still a bit rough.  

Here are some photos of the progress made today.  Hole 5 is still very rough, especially if you throw a bad shot and come up short.

Hole 5 Long (before)Image

Hole 5 Long (After)


Hole 5 Long (Another View)


Hole 5 Short:


Hole 8 Long (Cleared today):


Hole 8 Short:


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