More sheep carnage

It’s been 3 glorious weeks of utter sheep destruction on Perkerson’s kudzu, privet and thorns.  See below for new photos.  The most striking thing is how much stuff — trash, branches, artifacts, bodies?, etc is sitting on the ground but usually invisible.  Sheep were pulled out today, and 9 will be going back to long position (sorry two guys who told me 9 long was evil today !).  


We are grooming the course during the next 10 days to get ready for the Iron Leaf Classic tourney on Sunday Oct 6th.  By we, I mean three people.  Please help if you can, we need it.  Have tools, and tasks to be done, just click to “Contact Us” button to shoot us an email and offer to help.  


Photos from today:

Course Update, Volunteers, Sheep, etc

Today we had about 20 employees from Ernst & Young graciously donate their time (and a small budget) for an erosion control project on hole 8 & 9.  We also had 6 other volunteers out working hard to clear the privet and other invasives left prone by the sheep herd, who has munched through holes 15, 17, 12 and 14.  Thank you everyone for your hard work.  The course is looking fantastic.  

In other news, the upcoming disc golf tournament (Iron Leaf Classic) on 10/6/13 sold out quickly.  There is a waitlist if you want to play.  

Here are a few photos from today:

Sheep, Course Update & Upcoming Tourney on 10/6/2013

The sheep have arrived!  The herd looks smaller this year than last year, but they have already put a dent into the kudzu on hole 17, and left us some presents on the short teepad.  Watch out for the hazard – Fish had a disc go into the edge of the pen today, and the dog promptly retrieved it and took it to the center.  They should be at the park for a couple of weeks.  


Sheep pics:




Update: All of the phase 1 teepads have been complete, except for final grading and seeding around the disturbed areas.  The teepads are all playable and are absolutely awesome.  All of the holes have now been cleared except for #12 – 14.  

Here is #10-Long, freshly cut today.  



And 10 Short:



There is an upcoming tournament, the first event on the new course — the 2013 Iron Leaf Classic PDGA B-Tier on 10/6/2013.  Info & signup here (space is limited, so don’t wait):



Sheep Update

The herd is arriving two weeks ahead of schedule — look for them setting up by mid-week.  Last year there were about 200 sheep (mostly) & goats, with two sheperd dogs.  The sheep will be enclosed in an electric fence and will rotate throughout the park through the most overgrown areas.  If you throw into the enclosure, we will make arrangements with the sheperd for a pre-determined stash location.  Or you can chance it … but the dogs are trained to guard the sheep, and may bite.  


The impact on the vegetation is dramatic, and this will quickly improve the condition of the course.  The sheep will eat everything green on the ground and up to about 4′ off the ground.   While it completely strips the privet and other invasives of leaves, it does not kill them.  The plants will be very prone and easy to remove after the sheep, so we need to make a concerted effort to remove privet from the course area this fall.

New Teepads are ready for play

All of the teepads have cured and are playable.  All but one of the phase 1 teepads has (#16-L, a redo) have been completed, and that one will be finished next week.

We’ve been putting in some time trimming back the undergrowth and spraying herbicide, and the course is far more playable than it was a week ago.  We’ve cleared holes 4, 5 (today, pics below), 7, 8 (finished today) and 9.  10 and 12-13 are still a bit rough.  

Here are some photos of the progress made today.  Hole 5 is still very rough, especially if you throw a bad shot and come up short.

Hole 5 Long (before)Image

Hole 5 Long (After)


Hole 5 Long (Another View)


Hole 5 Short:


Hole 8 Long (Cleared today):


Hole 8 Short:


Rubber Install – Day 2

15 additional teepads were poured today, and they look amazing.  We haven’t confirmed yet with the rubber company, but it looks like all but one of the Phase 1 teepads has been completed (16-Long).  Next up is finishing the site work around the teepads to ensure proper drainage and soil retention.  The tee areas will be graded and seeded.  Please try not to step on the seed while playing the course until the grass takes (to the extent you can).  


We will post on here as soon as we have confirmation that the new holes are playable.  In the meantime, keep off the rubber teepads that were just poured.